CFP AA#4 & about the Accelerated Academy project

CFP: Accelerated Academy #4


Academic Timescapes: Perspectives, Reflections, Responsibilities

May 24-25, 2018, Villa Lanna, Prague, Czech Academy of Sciences

Keynote lectures: Barbara Adam (Cardiff) and Stephen Kern (Ohio State)

After meetings in Prague, Warwick and Leiden, the fourth Accelerated Academy conference calls for a more nuanced perspective in order to advance our understanding of academic temporalities as experienced, understood, controlled, managed, imagined and contested across different institutional contexts. The question of temporality – the human perception and social organization of time – in and of the academy has been attracting considerable attention across the social sciences in recent decades. Notable accounts have demonstrated that time is an important research object potentially offering new insights into the complex and shifting nature of the contemporary academy and its future. Existing studies tend to stress how pressures intrinsic to the imperatives of the knowledge economy and academic/epistemic capitalism co-shape policies and subsequently impact how time is perceived and experienced on the level of individuals and institutions, leading to concerns over their temporal relation to wider society. Taking the cue from the long tradition of sociology of time the conference aims to tackle various pressing question in the emerging field of the social studies of academic time. The conference will address the following themes but the organizers welcome other cognate problematics:

· Theorizations and different disciplinary takes on temporality in academia

· (Possible) methods of inquiring into academic temporalities

· Temporal design(s), temporal policies

· Temporal justice vs/and temporal autonomy

· The promises and limits of ‘the slow’ in academia

· Temporalities in/of teaching; temporalities in/of research – tensions, complementarities, (in)compatibilities

· Temporal interfaces with wider society and its implications for science communication

· Temporality of science communication via social media

· Digitalization, temporal intersections and emerging temporalities in academia

· Temporality, metrics, evaluations

Please submit short abstract (250 words) and bio to by 28 February 2018. We intend to generate an edited volume from the conference so please indicate whether you’d be interested in contributing to the volume.

Organized by Centre for Science, Technology, and Society Studies, Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences & University of Minho, Research Centre on Communication Studies (CECS).

Funded by Czech Science Foundation, Czech Academy of Sciences (Strategie AV21) & Portuguese Science Foundation, CECS, University of Minho.

Scientific Committee: Emília Araújo (University of Minho), Jana Bacevic (Cambridge University), Libor Benda (Czech Academy of Sciences), Mark Carrigan (Cambridge University), Björn Hammarfelt (University of Borås), Milena Kremakova (Humboldt University), Sarah de Rijcke (Leiden University), Tereza Stöckelová (Czech Academy of Sciences), Tereza Virtová (Czech Academy of Sciences), Filip Vostal (Czech Academy of Sciences)

About AA project
The Accelerated Academy is an international series of events, exploring the transformation of higher education through the lens of temporality. The first conference, held in Prague in December 2015 and hosted by the Czech Academy of Sciences, explored power, acceleration and metrics in academic life. The second conference, held in Leiden in December 2016 and hosted by the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS), investigated temporality, evaluation and politics. We also held a symposium at the University of Warwick on anxiety and work in the accelerated academy. The fourth meeting will be held in Prague May 24-25 2018.

Attached below is the special section of LSE Impact Blog hosting debate following from our events. We also have podcasts and videocasts hosted at The Sociological Review. You can follow the network on Twitter @AcceleratedUni. Here is the introduction to the second event, given by Mark Carrigan and Filip Vostal who co-founded the network in 2015.

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The Accelerated Academy is operated by a collective: Jana Bacevic, Mark Carrigan,  Sarah de Rijcke, Björn Hammarfelt, Milena Kremakova, Alex Rushworth, Filip Vostal.