The Accelerated Academy is an international series of events, exploring the transformation of higher education through the lens of temporality. The first conference, held in Prague in December 2015 and hosted by the Czech Academy of Sciences, explored power, acceleration and metrics in academic life. The second conference, held in Leiden in December 2016 and hosted by the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS), investigated temporality, evaluation and politics. It was organised by Sarah de Rijcke, Bj√∂rn Hammarfelt and Alex RushworthThe third event was a symposium at the University of Warwick on anxiety and work in the accelerated academy, organised by Milena Kremakova. The fourth meeting was held in Prague May 24-25 2018, organised by Filip Vostal and Emilia Rodrigues. The fifth event was a seminar in Cambridge, organised by Mark Carrigan and Jana Bacevic. The sixth event took place in Cambridge in November 2018, organised by Jana Bacevic, Mark Carrigan and Filip Vostal. The seventh event is organised by Zach Kaiser and Erin Glass at Michigan State University.

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